International Students

As a student at the Ibero Leon you will have the opportunity to study in excellent academic programs, as well as enjoy the diversity and richness of the Mexican culture.

We will be waiting for you with open arms.

Network of Universities

The Ibero Leon, as a Jesuit University, is part of the largest university network in the World, with more than 200 unversities in 5 continents.

In Latin America we are part of the network AUSJAL (Asociacion de Universidades Confiadas a la Compañía de Jesus), which is composed of over 31 Jesuit Universities, and we are also a member of the Mexican Jesuit University System (SUJ), which is composed of 8 universities.

Academic Excellence

The Ibero Leon offers you a wide range of educational options with a high academic level in undergraduated and graduated programs. Our professors are recognized experts who guarantee an integrated learning experience that goes far beyond the mere acquisition of information or knowledge, while promoting the personal growth of our students.

The Ibero Leon is known for its constant innovation, developing academic programs new to Mexico and Latin America. Today the Ibero Leon benefits from a national as well as international prestige, seeing that its graduates play an important role in society, culture and business.

In 2010 the Ibero Leon was named Institution of Academic Excellence, awarded by the federal Secretary of Public Education (SEP).


The Ibero Leon is located in the center of Mexico. Being a major transportation and investment hub, the region is currently a strategic and privileged geographic location.

The city of Leon, in the state of Guanajuato, is known as the world's capital of the Shoe Industry, as its economy has been tradiotanally based on quality footwear and leather goods production.

Leon offers an ideal destination for those interested in the history of Mexico. It is located next to the city of Guanajuato, also the capital of the state, and the pueblo of San Miguel de Allende, both named as UNESCO’s World Hertiage sites. In addition Leon is only 4 hours from the capital of the country, Mexico City, by car.

With an average climate ranging between 64° to 73° F., in Leon you have the advantage of big cities as well as the tranquility of provincial life.

Social commitment and values

As a Jesuit institution, the Ibero combines science with humanism, faith and culture, as an essential part of its educational model. The Ibero encourages the integral development of the members of its community through its excellent academic programs that have a stron social commitment. To help achieve this we have different programs that you can take advantage of:

Community Service Center (CESCOM Leon) and CESCOM San Luis de la Paz

Work with groups who live in poverty and exclusión, in the poor nieghborhoods of the city. In the areas of nutrition, legal services, housing and community space services, psychological services, community development, and education. CESCOM Leon has a satellite center in San Luis de la Paz, in the northeastern part of the state of Guanajuato

Legal services clinic

As part of the Law School, Ibero Leon has clinic giving legal service to the low income population of the region.

Human Rights Program

The program promotes human rights of all persons, especially the most vulnerable for their poverty , sickness, gender, or ethnicity. The Program is associated with national and international networks.

Immigration Studies program

This program is a response to the phenomena of international migration working through research, field work with immigrants, and intervention in the daily reality of immigrants and their families.

Sustainability Program

This program works to make the campus greener. It focuses on the following areas: appropriate use of water, paper refuse, energy optimizing, organic residue management, as well as environmental education.

Women and Gender Studies Program

This academic program promotes diffusion, research, and education on women´s issues and gender inequality with the aim of creating a democratic, tolerant, inclusive culture of equality which promotes the development of a dignified life for women. This Program has three research priorities, inequality and human rights for women, physical and emotional health and gender violence with regard to women, and poverty, education and gender inequality.

Language programs

As an international University, the Ibero Leon has, in all of its majors, courses taught in English.

  • World's Economic Geography
  • International Business Strategies
  • Global Marketing
  • International Logistics Systems
  • Developing Management Skills
  • Labor Cultures comparative studies
  • Cross-Cultural Communication for Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Advanced English for Business
  • Chinese Economic Circumstances
  • A glimpse of Chinese Culture Survey
  • Strategic Management Planning
  • Deficit Attention Disorders in the classroom
  • Sustainable Construction Elements
  • An holistic perspective of International business
  • Echanges Internationaux, Inegalutes, Pauvrete (Taught in French)

The Foreign Language Department offers five levels of language courses in English, mandarin, French, german, Italian and Spanish for foreign students.

The Foreign Langage Department offers “Language Corners” which are academic spaces used to practice foreign languages in a dynamic and comfortable setting through the use of games, songs, and presentations about current topics, sometimes using debates between professors and students.

Student life

The Ibero Leon offers a wide gamet of extracurricular activities in culture, the arts, and sports.

Artistic Workshops And Cultural Events

Students interested in the arts and culture will have opportunities in the following áreas: visual arts (appreciation of films, videos, photography, engraving, sculpture, and painting), popular Mexican culture, including Mexican cuisine and folk art. We have theater, ballet, contemporary dance, ballroom dancing, tango and capoeira. In music we offer violin, guitar, drums, singing and music appreciation.

Health Programs And Sports

The ibero león has a gymnasium weight room and facilities for different sports. There are classes, facilities and teams for: soccer, tennis, volley-ball (both interior and beach), basketball, tae kwon do, zumba, marathon and general exercise classes

Other Services

The Ibero has medical services on campus, and also offers free daily transport to and from the university from different locations in the city.

Universidad Iberoamericana León